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(You can always) COME HOME

(You can always) COME HOME - Jon DAVIS

I don’t have to like the way you treated me

And I can’t say I understand the way you set me free

Was it something that I did, or something that I said?

I just can’t get these questions out of my head

You didn’t want to talk, or try to work it out

But you know that you can always come home

I wonder where you met him, at a bar or at the store?

Should I have seen it coming, and tried to give you more?

You didn’t give a warning, or dare to let me know

You just left me waiting here; it didn’t even show

It’s been more than a year now, in fact it’s close to two

But you know that you can always come home


I hear rumours on the grapevine, stories from our friends

I know he raised his hand to you, and hurt you in the end

Don’t think you can’t come back to me because of foolish pride

You’ve never had to feel that way before ...


There are things we have to talk about before we start again

Emotions to be sorted out, let’s start by being friends

Your smile hasn’t changed at all, your eyes are still as blue

And my feelings just grew stronger while I’ve been missing you

I haven’t changed the locks, and our number’s still the same

And you know that you can always come home

… You know that you can always come home

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