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A what???  Think about it ...


We all have natural abilities and acquired expertise.

Some people are great at working with their hands ...

Some people are great with numbers ...

Some people are naturally neat and tidy ...

... and I'm none of these people.

Give me anything written or spoken (OK ... or sung!) and you have now found my little skill..!  My use of language has gotten me into a LOT of trouble over my working life so I might as well put it to good use now! 


For a start, have a look at my  


Yes, I write songs and poetry but there is MUCH more than that in my little bag of tricks ...   I've concurrently worked in radio & TV since I was a pup as well as corporate communications ... and I was a cop for 14 years (fair dinkum!)

That's a LOT of high-level ... ummmmmm ... wordsmithery!

  • Professional Radio & TV Scripts

  • Advertising Copy

  • Speeches (Wedding, Corporate, Government, etc.)

  • Websites

  • Corporate Reports

  • Investigation Reports 

It's like this ... if it needs to be written, spoken or sung, then I can do it!

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