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Give it a jingle...

Advertising GURU John Singleton is quoted as saying:

"If it's a boring product, give it a jingle."

Now, I'm not here to judge on the excitement factor of soap powder BUT ... incorporating a CATCHY jingle into your marketing can make your brand stand out from your competitors.


With my history as a former creative director in metropolitan radio as well as my abilities as a composer, I have both the practical and theoretical skills to ensure your jingle achieves maximum penetration to your preferred audience. 

You oughta be congratulated ...

Say it with LOVE...

When you can't find the words to express your feelings, it is the musicians who fill that void with their songs of love and loss.

While there will always be those standard songs that work well for weddings or funerals sometimes they may not fit the occasion or the person.

If you have something sensitive to say, I can put your thoughts to music and record a custom song (with male or female vocalists) for ...

  • Signing your Marriage Certificate  

  • Bridal Dance

  • A special birthday

  • Funerals

  • Christenings / Naming Days

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