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The story so far ...

Jon grew up surrounded by some incredibly famous musicians.  Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven and many others were all daily guests at Jon's house ... courtesy of his mother (Bev) who was a teacher of pianoforte and music theory.  This gave Jon a very firm grounding to pursue a career in music.

As a musician, Jon started by performing a novelty 'Blues Brothers' skit with Australia's legendary Grand Wazoo band ... and from there he went on to work as a soloist and in smaller outfits as well as Melbourne's 70's extravaganza, 'Boogie Nights'.

Jon started his working life as a 15 year old DJ in the pubs of Melbourne and has remained in the entertainment industry ever since ... with a rather large foray into policing and investigations along the way ... but ALWAYS gigging somewhere!

Jon took his first full-time job as a 17 year old radio announcer at 3MA MIldura, VIC. and since then has worked in numerous roles at dozens of radio and TV stations across Australia

Jon operates from his fully equipped, private recording studio in Darwin, Australia, where he has a multitude of microphones, guitars and other instruments at his disposal.  From this location he is able to deliver audio and video productions for worldwide radio, TV and corporate clients while also composing his own songs for international release.


Jon's work has taken him all over Australia as well as to various 'stages' around the world.  He now refers to himself as a 'Variety Entertainer' and at any time he could be working in any of the following roles...

  • Disc Jockey

  • Radio & TV Broadcaster

  • Actor

  • Musician

  • Singer / Songwriter

  • Photographer / Videographer

  • Audio / Video Producer

  • Copy Writer

It is Jon's intention to spend more time in the USA (primarily Nashville) where he has already made some incredible inroads which he is keen explore...

Watch this space ...

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