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Songwriter Sessions

This is NOT Karaoke...

This is genuine musicians performing live on stage.

  • 3 or 4  singers on stage at the same time

  • ALL talent is SEATED on stage

  • Each singer takes a turn at singing (in a rotation)

  • Each singer gets 3 or 4 songs IN TURN with the others

               IF a singer leaves the stage, their performance is over they do not return...

  • The night is recorded and each singer has the opportunity to take away a live demo


  • Rotating singers eliminates audience boredom

               (let's be honest - sometimes a singer doesn't really cut the mustard...)

  • Each singer brings a couple of friends 

  • Singers get introduced to a new audience

  • The crowd interacts with one another

  • A larger crowd adds more APPLAUSE...!!!

  • We now have SEVERAL groups of friends for an extended period creating atmosphere

Open Mic 1.jpg
Open Mic 3.jpg
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