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My 'Un-Sung' Talents!

As a kid, I watched a bit of TV and there were always American and British shows on the screen mixed in with the Aussie shows - back when Australian MEANT Australian.  Naturally, I imitated the voices that I heard and became fluent with speaking in the various USA & Pommy accents and dialects ... then along came ...

  • Italian

  • Irish

  • Jewish

  • Mexican

  • ... any other country ...

  • Cartoon characters

  • Aussie Characters 

  • ... and the list goes on.

I assumed that EVERYBODY could do this ... but alas, I am one of those rare individuals who can hear something or someone and then immediately imitate it/them.  (Apologies to Dickie Knee, Monty Python and Dame Edna!)  Have you ever asked yourself why cockatoos don't imitate kookaburras?

I also have a pretty bloody good speaking voice and having been an actor, I can deliver any style of 'read' for commercials and corporate narration.


I have a few demo grabs beside this text but it would be impossible for me to actually list every 'voice' of which I am capable ... Just ask me!  Easier!!!

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