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In The Beginning...


The teachers called me ... 

  • A disruption in class

  • The 'Class Clown'

  • An attention seeker

Of course, nobody had ever heard of ADHD back then ...


They thought I was naughty but I was just busy being busy ... ... ALL the time!!!

With regular school report cards showing the above comments, I really had only one option ...


I became a radio DJ!!! 

(I now prefer the term 'Broadcaster')

JD's Voice Demo

JD's Radio Demo
The Call ...

I had started tuition at 'The Announcers' Academy of Australia' with an expectation of being ready for a job after 9 - 12 months of weekly sessions.  I had been there for 3 months when I arrived for my lesson and was told that we were going to make a 'Demo Tape' (whatever THAT was...)

When it was complete, my tutor told me to mail it to 3MA Mildura (VIC) so I did.  I received a call the following Monday and a week later, a 17 year old Jon Davis left home with a suitcase  ... 

The Odyssey...


Since then I've pretty much done radio & TV all over Australia and I cross-promoted my media work with my 'live' entertainment.  Here is a snapshot of my media career ... 

Television & Film



Halifax F.P.

Blue Heelers

Australia’s Most Wanted

‘Chopper’ - (Australian Movie)

You Are My Partner

NTD 8 – Darwin

Win TV - Griffith, NSW

Prime TV - Griffith, NSW

Channel 7 Melbourne - GIO Skytracker 7

Channel 10 Melbourne - Marshall Batteries Chopper

Radio Broadcasters

104.1 Territory FM – Darwin

Mix 104.9 – Darwin

1377 3MP – Melbourne

1116 SEN & 3AK  – Melbourne

Sport 927 AM –Melbourne

Tote Sport Radio - TAS


3AW 693 – Melbourne

Magic 1278 – Melbourne

City FM – Melbourne

Hot 100 – Darwin

Gold 104.3– Melbourne

Mix 101.1 – Melbourne

FM 99.7 (Star FM) - Griffith, NSW

2RG - Griffith, NSW

3BO – Bendigo, VIC

3MA – Mildura, VIC

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