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Salt of the Earth - (Finalist - 2019 ASA Australian Song of the Year - Lyrics)

“That’s my home” she said on our first date as we drove into the Mallee scrub

It was a run-down shack on the side of the road but a mansion full of love

A suburban boy with no idea I just laughed to myself at first

Then I realised she was fair dinkum and her old man was the salt of the Earth

April 19, 2019

Just a cruisy little number that I wrote while sitting under a coconut tree in Thailand ... You'll understand when you read the full song...!!!


I was free before I met you and I'm free again today... 

And I don't really need your company

Just give me some sun and sand, a million miles away

And a bottle of rum and a shady ol' coconut tree (or 2 or 3...)

June 08, 2020

She’s my little lady and I know that she loves me

She’s my little lady; my number one little fan

She’s my little lady I couldn’t ask for anything more

And she makes me wanna be a better man

Lest We Forget

April 24, 2015

Australia was 14 years old when she called her sons to war

Filled with youth, pride and excitement,

They didn’t know what they were fighting for                 

They joined forces with New Zealand and forged a new identity

They became known as ANZACs at a place called Gallipoli

One-Life Stand

October 08, 2017

"How you doin’ cowboy?  Won’t you ask a lady to dance?"

I was sittin’ in the bar just drinking my beer; not looking for romance

Her big brown eyes just smiled at me as she led me by the hand

When I woke up beside her, she was my first one night stand

I woke up beside her, she was my first one night stand 

Have no regrets; only memories

And remember that the past is in the past

Time spent looking back is time you don’t spend looking forward

The pain you feel was never meant to last

January 18, 2019

One Little Lie

Lyrics by Katrina Carter & Jon Davis  Music by Jon Davis  © 2019

Sunday mornings with coffee and toast

And a drive out of town, to the coast

Then at night, I’d cook a beautiful roast

And it ended with one little lie...

September 24, 2018

He came out of the audience just as I walked off stage

And asked “Who wrote that second song you played?”

 “It’s mine” I said, “I played it for the first time today”

Then he said, “You wrote that song about me”

May 15, 2019

She’s got the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker

But she still tells me that I’m her main man

She likes boys with big tools; she treats them all like her fools

And she makes use of them whenever she can

My Ex-Best Friend

October 08, 2017

She’s my ex best friend                  

We’d hit the bars all night and stagger on home at dawn

Sometimes she’d start a catfight and finish with her clothes all torn

She was one of those girls; she played football with the boys

She had such an evil laugh and a husky, tequila voice

Through thick and thin and fire and rain, on her I could depend

Until one time she crossed that line and that day, she became …

Someone Else's Problem

September 30, 2012

We had those fireworks at the start

When she walked in won my heart

But it wasn’t long before I saw her darker side

Sometimes she’d make me feel so small

I’d wonder what I saw in her at all

She said she’s be with me forever; I guess she lied

Territory Proud

Our journey from the Dreamtime has led us here today 
We have Desert People, Salt Water People, and those from far away 
We care for one another, as we stand out from the crowd 
Side by side, we sing as one; Territory Proud

(You Can Always) Come Home

May 30, 1995

I don’t have to like the way you treated me

And I can’t say I understand the way you set me free

Was it something that I did, or something that I said?

I just can’t get these questions out of my head

You didn’t want to talk, or try to work it out

But you know that you can always come home

Never My Intention

January 10, 2005

I’ve spent so many years, working on my career

Trying to build a future for me

Sometimes changing my roles, to reach all my goals

I planned my life so carefully

Seeking money and fame, I played the right games

And lovers, well there’s been a few

But it was never my intention

To fall in love with you

Someone's World (Kara's Song)

December 07, 2003

I’ll be flirting with the boys in a club or maybe a bar

No matter how hard they try, they won’t get very far

They’ll buy me drinks and we’ll dance and some will try to take me home

No, it’s not what I need … so I go home alone

Christmas for One

‘Tis the season and I’ve got a reason to surely be happy and gay

Ever so nimbly he comes down the chimney but that didn’t happen today

He made his list of the good and the bad and he must have checked it twice

Looks like I’m on the wrong list; not the one labelled ‘nice’

Do Not Call My Therapist !!! 

I came up with this title YEARS ago when I did a Xmas Day gig at the Essendon Football club and watched a guy sit at a table on his own with a paper hat on his head ... then last year, I bought my ungrateful cat (Harrison) a king prawn for Xmas dinner that he smacked around the house ... and left for me to throw out!

After a couple JD's I started writing writing a dirty, blues song that descended into this dark little piece.  Don't worry ... I was cracking up laughing as I wrote it!!! 


Valium anybody?

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