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The River & The Reef - (TV Jingle)

“The River & The Reef”

Music & Lyrics by Jon Davis

The weather’s looking beautiful, let’s head out for the day

We’ll catch a feed of flatties, the good ol’ fashioned way

I know a little place to go, to get some light relief

… somewhere ‘tween the river and the reef

So you think you’ll catch a big one, with all your fancy gear

… a day out on the water with the rods, the reels … and beer

If you come home empty-handed, your mates‘ll give you grief

For being out between the river and the reef


So, if I haven’t turned up Monday, and the boss is pretty dim

If I’ve been away the whole weekend and the wife says, “I’ll kill him”

If my mobile doesn’t answer, tell ‘em, “She’ll be right, Chief”

I’m lost between the river and the reef

(You’ll find me ’tween the river and the reef)

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