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Territory Proud - (Northern Territory Anthem Submission)

Territory Proud

Music and Lyrics by Jon Davis © Jon Davis 2011

Verse 1

Our journey from the Dreamtime has led us here today

We have Desert People,Salt Water People, and those from far away

We care for one another, as we stand out from the crowd

Side by side, we sing as one; Territory Proud

Verse 2

Territory life is special;unique in every way

Where ochre soil meets sunburnt skies at the end of a perfect day

And then there comes the lightning and dark, monsoonal clouds

There’s nowhere else on Earth like this, that’s why we’re Territory Proud


Verse 3

As we look toward the future, we cherish our history

And we are proud to call our home ‘The Northern Territory’

Our culture and our values,we always will enshroud

With open hearts and open minds,we’re Territory Proud

(Ritardando to finish)

We all stand tall and sing it loud; Territory Proud

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