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Never My Intention

Never My Intention - Jon Davis

I’ve spent so many years, working on my career

Trying to build a future for me

Sometimes changing my roles, to reach all my goals

I planned my life so carefully

Seeking money and fame, I played the right games

And lovers, well there’s been a few

But it was never my intention

To fall in love with you

I partied hard every night, from dusk to daylight

Never thinking this life-style could end

Until you came along, and changed the words to that song

By simply just being my friend

Then what we had grew so strong, and I knew before long

That my life was now starting anew

Still it was never my intention

To fall in love with you


I was sure I knew what I needed

But it seems you knew me too well

You changed all my goals and my values

And I’m forever under your spell

Now I want just for you, and you want for me too

And we’re spending our lives together

With you by my side, life’s an easy ride

Even in stormy weather

Oh, how easy it seems, you’ve fulfilled all my dreams

And loved me like I never knew

When it was never my intention

To fall in love with you

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