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My Ex-Best Friend

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

My Ex-Best Friend

Music & Lyrics by Jon Davis © 2016

Finalist 2022 Northern Territory Song of the Year

She’s my ex-best friend

We’d hit the bars all night and stagger on home at dawn

Sometimes she’d start a catfight and finish with her clothes all torn

She was one of those girls; she played football with the boys

She had such an evil laugh and a husky, tequila voice


Through thick and thin and fire and rain, on her I could depend

Until one time she crossed that line and that day, she became …

My ex-best friend

We were livin’ as one and we made love every night

Sometimes it seemed so wrong yet it always seemed so right

She liked her little kinky places we hardly used our boudoir

She loved the edge of a cliff, she loved the kitchen sink,

she loved the back seat of her Daddy’s car


But then one day she wanted to stray and I refused to buckle or bend

So she packed her bags; I sent her on her way and that day she became …

My ex-best friend

She’s my ex-best friend

She’s been gone so long I wonder if she ever thinks of me

I sometimes wanna call her up but I’ll just let her be

Her picture stays above my fireplace hanging proudly on my wall

And when I look back now, what she did back then, really didn’t matter at all

Forgive and forget, I’ve got a new mindset; it’s time to let hostilities end

Decision made but I regret that day she became my ex best friend

Well the years went by; how time flies and I don’t know where or when

But there will come a time, when I look into those eyes …

… Of my ex-best friend (Repeat & Fade)

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