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Christmas for One

Christmas for One (Bad Boy Blues)

Words & Music by Jon Davis

©Jon Davis (25 December, 2016)

‘Tis the season and I’ve got a reason to surely be happy and gay

Ever so nimbly he comes down the chimney but that didn’t happen today

He made his list of the good and the bad and he must have checked it twice

Looks like I’m on the wrong list … not the one labelled ‘Nice’…

I gave my puppy a T-bone steak that he played with but just didn’t eat

For me, it was pork belly, crackling and slow-cooked, roasted meats

I cooked up a banquet for a party of 12, even though I knew no one would come…

I had Christmas for one …

I cracked my cracker, wore my paper hat and started feeling frisky

Then I found my Christmas spirit in a bottle of Tennessee whiskey

Things really livened up when Jack Daniels entered the mix

‘Cos he made me forget all those issues that we just couldn’t fix

It’s funny; I don’t even miss you but I’ve got nobody else

So I stayed home, got drunk alone and had a Christmas party by myself

No more emotional blackmail; today was just so much fun

… I had Christmas for one

Tomorrow is another day and things will get back to normal

I’ll make out like I don’t exist and live a life nocturnal

I don’t need your company, I made a ‘big, black dog’ my friend

And he’s gonna ride right by my side until this journey ends

I’ll see the world while I chase bad girls and I’ll lead a life of giving

But when reality sets in, I’ll see it just ain’t worth living

And then come next December, I might just get me a gun…

… Happy Christmas for one …

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